Baja Treasure Hunt

Terms and Conditons

All of our treasure hunts are designed to be self guided adventures for you to complete at your own pace and a time to suit you.  There is no guide to meet you.  There is no actual treasure at the end.

After you purchase your chosen Baja Treasure Hunt you will receive an email with the link to the pdf document.  From here you can download it and then choose to print it or do it straight from your mobile device. 

All sales are final, there are no refunds issued if you do not complete the hunt.

If using a stroller, wheelchair or walking aid please note that some sections are steep, have steps and the ground can be uneven and with some potholes.

We have made every effort to plan routes that are entirely in public streets and spaces, and which should not take you onto any private property that is not open to the public, or cause you to breach any by-laws or other regulations.

Please take every care as you follow the route, especially when crossing roads. We will not be held responsible for any accident, personal injury or other loss due to customer negligence or lack of care, nor for any trespass on private property.



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